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Showing posts from January, 2020

Roofs again

Roofing The small study I made last year seemed to be quite challenging, so now there is a larger version of it. Based on the real view from our attic, though I've played with perspective a little bit. Roofs of Hollum, acrylic, canvas board, 24x30 cm. See the final version in My gallery .

Quiet evenings

Proost! Another festive season is over and it is nice to relax reading something useful in the evenings or just having good coffee with some quality liquor. Or both. And maybe to paint again. Some lovely people I was happy to meet last year, thought for a moment and by mistake that my first name was Valta. Since those people are artists themselves, I actually found this a good idea to sign my paintings from now on with "valta". Let's hope it will bring luck and inspiration :) Triple pleasure, acrylic, canvas board, 30x24 cm. See the final version in My gallery .