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  Inner wrestle This time it was a fantasy scene inspired by an uncredited photograph I came across somewhere on Tumblr. I tried and did my best but I could not trace the original or the name of the author. Yet somehow I irresistibly wanted to paint this scene, that final moment before the bout, the moment between peace and fight. The frozen tension combined with the calm concentration of this pose and gesture intrigued me for weeks. I was doubting for a long time if I had to paint after this photograph. The urge to try and paint finally won.     Well, hereby the difficult question I keep on asking myself (and my fellow artists). Besides all the crediting and copyrighting issues, is our art that is made on the base of someone else's work truly art at all? Or is that then simply a skill? Yes, I significantly altered the whole setting to fit my own vision, but still, the fundamental elements of the idea, composition, lighting, and thus the most important jobs in art, were actually al

Utrecht Revisited

  A new show in the Gallery Rob Rademaker I love being in the old historic downtown of Utrecht.  It's always nice to return to the place where I used to live for 13 happy years, until 7 years ago we moved to another beautiful but totally different place. Luckily the old city centre is not changing much or rapidly so I still recognise and enjoy the historic streets, grachten,   hofjes,  churches and houses I used to walk along.    Right in the middle of this beautiful downtown, behind the city hall, you can find the Gallery Rob Rademaker , located on the ground floor of a very old house with a rich history. This autumn, the gallery is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Now you can imagine how excited, happy and honoured I am to be exhibiting my paintings here.  From 9 September to the end of October, the works of three artists, Rob Jacobs, Henri Poppelaars and myself are on show in this gallery.  Well, if you happen to (re)visit Utrecht during these months,  take a leisurely stroll d