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From scratch to hatch

The summer art show proved to be successful Making a project low-risk is always fun. No great expectations, no regrets when it's a failure. Safe. Still, there is always a tiny (or immense) hope of success. And this time success it was. I am very proud to involve the top artists Erwin Pattipeilohy and Peter Kiewied . I am happy with and grateful to all the visitors and the art collectors (10 artworks were sold, and we've got some commissions as well). I am enormously thankful to everyone who helped promote our project! My very special appreciation goes to our patrons and friends of arts Eva and Riekus for providing that unique and beautiful space in their historic house. And above all, huge thanks and all my love to Paul, for believing, constant support and encouragement! Perhaps, we will repeat the show next year. You still can view some of the exhibited works on our page . And check this video to get an impression. 

Taste of summer

Fragole & Aceto Balsamico I like my strawberries with a drop of balsamic vinegar, like this 12-year-old one by Giuseppe Giusti. Last spring I painted this still life with strawberries. Now I wanted to paint it again but in a different setting, in oil and alla prima using my limited palette. This is how it became the Strawberries, oil, canvas, 24x30 cm. View the finished painting in my gallery . Have a nice summer everyone!

Summer show

Excited I am happy to work on this small but lovely project, organising a 3-day show with the artworks of 3 artists living on our island. The location is a magnificent historic place, a perfectly preserved and restored former stable in the middle of the village of Hollum. My fellow artists Erwin and Peter will be showing their marvellous sculptures and superb design objects. We hope the visitors shall enjoy what they see. For those who can't be on Ameland these days, have a look at the artworks on our page . For the happy ones who are on the island on June 17-19, welcome and see you there!