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Some more alcohol I found this setting with lots of different shadows and the sharp but cool sunlight quite exciting. And I love that luminous effect you can achieve by mixing red, yellow and burned umber. The old famous liquor of our island has recently changed its bottle design, and as we were happy to receive a new one from our new friends, I thought it could have been good to paint the old and the new one next to each other. Well, 'proost!' And try it yourself once. The name is Nobeltje ;) So it became the Transitions, acrylic, canvas 20x20 cm. The result is to be seen in My gallery .


Sunday Lunch gets a new home The month of May proves to be full of surprises, again. Except it still unusually feels like winter outside, some good news came unexpectedly from Saatchi Art where a couple of my paintings are being exhibited. They have sold the Sunday Lunch to a collector in Virginia. The painting is now thoroughly packed and labelled and is on its way to the United States. I am proud. I am hoping that the new owner will be happy with their new original painting and that the painting itself will get a new lovely home. Excited, this is such a stimulating happening! Bye, for now, gotta rush back to my easel.

Some strawberries

"L'inverno non finisce mai..." Just like in the old and lovely Italian song; this winter seems to never end now but we still have nice memories. Strawberries are one of those fine connections to keep you warm and hoping. I love having my strawberries cut in half with some drops of old Aceto Balsamico. That's why I now tried to paint this all in the setting of our old blue kitchen. Yes, still using the limited palette. Still hoping for good and warm news to come very soon. Please don't give up, you too. So it became the Strawberries, acrylic, canvas board 24x30 cm. The result is to be seen in My gallery .