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Downstairs 4

Red cupboard Back to the great house of the Verwolde estate. A tiny utility room with a large low sink served as a practical space where various household tasks were carried out, out of sight from the more formal areas of the house. Such rooms are designed to facilitate chores and activities that might be considered less glamorous but are essential to the functioning of the household. Utility rooms are often located in the less public areas of the house, such as the basement, in order to maintain the aesthetic and atmosphere of the more refined living spaces.  However, even this room can still look attractive in its simplicity and efficiency, especially when the light from the only small window creates soft shadows. That's what I aimed to capture in my painting. This painting is another one in the Downstairs series.  Oil on canvas 24 x 30 cm, alla prima, limited palette.         View the finished painting in my  gallery . 

Summer Shows

  Current exhibitions I am pleased to announce that five of my paintings are currently being exhibited in two museums on the island of Ameland. At the Museum Swartwoude in Buren, you can view three of my oil paintings from the Island Sheep series alongside stunning art by Trees Beijaard and Yulia Schutterop . Additionally, two of my older paintings are being displayed as part of the Zomer Vol Kunst exhibition of Amelander Kunstenaars at the new Museum Cultuurkerk in Nes. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase my artwork and would love for you to come to see it for yourself when you visit the island. View these and other paintings of mine in my gallery  


  Looking for solutions To make serious choices, sometimes we need to sit down and think. How do hands help a human in this case? Have you ever noticed that sometimes we hold our hands in a mirror-like fashion, with the fingertips of both hands pressed against each other? What is the reason behind this gesture? Does it have something to do with our inner energy circle, or is it just a way to connect the loose ends as precisely as possible? I have no idea. Yet we immediately recognise this pose and gesture as a sign of doubt, pressure, burden, tension, stress, and struggle. Even without seeing the person's entire body or face, we can tell that they're going through a difficult time trying to make the right decisions. May our decisions be wise. This painting is another one in the Hands' Private Life series.  Oil on panel 24 x 30 cm, alla prima, limited palette. Final varnish to be applied not before July 2024.        View the finished painting in my  gallery .