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The end of the year

  Quickies Looking back at 2023 from an artistic point of view, it was not a bad year at all for me. The year started, however, with a huge disappointment. For months I was preparing for participation in a certain annual event, but in the end, I was not even allowed to apply for it. I still have no idea what the real reason was, as the reason given by the event management was pure nonsense, which made me question their professionalism. The refusal did bring me down severely for quite a while. But with the support of my partner, I eventually regained my confidence and continued painting. Fortunately, things started to look up a few months later.  In March, I was glad to help as a volunteer to organise a retrospective exhibition ( Hidden Treasures ) at the local museum. In June, helping with another exhibition ( Tames Oud ).           The second edition of our Three-Day Show in June was a success again. I was glad to meet new local emerging artists and give them a podium. I met there lot


  Commissioned The story follows soon...      Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm, alla prima, limited palette.   View the finished painting in my  gallery .

Busy Season

  November results This November was a busy month for me. The art show by Amelander Kunstenaars was a huge success, with over 4.5 thousand art lovers visiting. Although I didn't sell anything this time, I am happy to have had the opportunity to showcase my paintings to so many people.  The two paintings I exhibited are still available on the websites of Amelander Kunstenaars and Saatchi Art . Speaking of Saatchi Art, they sold two of my paintings in November - a still life and one from my Hands' Private Life series. These paintings are now on their way to an art collector in Florida, US.  Additionally, two more paintings have been sent to Roermond for the upcoming Painting of the Year exhibition.    

Upcoming show

  Nominee I never thought I would participate in an art competition as I do not believe that art should be a subject of competition. However, I decided to give it a go when I learned about the jury members. I did not expect anything at all, but to my surprise, my painting 'Counterproposal' from the 'Hands' Private Life' series made it to the top 50 out of 500 Paintings of the Year .  As a reward, I have been given the opportunity to exhibit two of my paintings for six weeks at the RRMND gallery in Roermond, Limburg, starting at the end of January. Not bad for a competition sceptic after all. This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my work, and I am very happy about it. The second painting that I will exhibit is called 'Friend or Foe,' which is also from the 'Hands' Private Life' series, and it depicts our already famous Chester .