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Snow in August?

Suddenly Since we are not having a warm and dry summer this year, why not think of the proper winter then for a while? It was cold and white for almost a fortnight last February. And it was wonderful to watch the islanders having snow fun on their traditional horse-drawn sleighs. As well as the white rooftops of our village. For a change, I decided to paint on cardboard this time, applying lots of layers of gesso first. Again, I used the limited palette; cadmium red, ultramarine, burnt umber and titanium white. Thus it became "Hollum. Winter", acrylic, cardboard 30 x 25,5 cm. An image of the finished painting to be found in my   gallery . almost finished

One of a kind

To mother As I am still not allowed to travel to visit my mother due to the restrictions, it has now been four years since I have seen her. Nevertheless, I was able to surprise her a bit on her birthday this week. It was my brother's idea to make some sort of booklet for her with some of my paintings that she liked but could only see digitally. So, she has now received that booklet exactly on her 84th birthday. And I made this video of that booklet before sending it. Happy birthday, mama, and thank you! For all your support and your believe in me. For always being proud of me and never doubting or being discouraging about the things I do. I am proud to be your son. the booklet


Framing I believe that every painting should have its own frame. I hand-make mine myself. Every time it is a lot of work but I actually like both the process and the result. I like them classic and sober, mainly black with a little gold. Last spring I unexpectedly received a few tubes of black alkyd paint as a gift from a sweet unknown lady who suddenly showed up at the door. Since I only paint with acrylics, I couldn't think of a better way to use them than to paint my frames with them. I think it turned out very well. Thanks again, Ms. Trees K. from Nes! framing in progress

High summer

Another interior Since I really enjoy our little  garden , and so does  Chester , I eventually wanted to paint a small part of it. In combination with the interior of our garden/guest room. Quite satisfied with the awaiting pose of Chester. I used the limited palette; red, yellow and blue plus burnt umber and titanium white. Thus it became Come Out!, acrylic, canvas 30 x 24 cm. The finished painting to be found in my  gallery .         in progress