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Finally summer. And some more knowledge

Something different It seems that my annual winter depression this year, due to the lockdown and the unusually sunless, cold and wet spring, lasted for half a year instead of a few weeks. I was of course happy to be able to paint and read, but I was also thrilled to discover many interesting courses at Coursera , which I loved to audit. And that was not few. Proud of this list so far. But I don't intend to stop. I like to learn. So there's still a lot planned, maybe after the summer break. Hoping that this long depression is finally over, I am now fully enjoying the nature around us and our garden again. And I'm also working now on a new small but nice art project for our island. I hope to report on that very soon. So, see you soon, and take good care of your mental health, and of the others.  

Some rooftops again

Spring has finally come Another painting of another corner of our village. The almost four centuries old but perfectly preserved buildings of the neighbouring museum look lovely and romantic at every season. This year the unusual weather made our ancient pear trees blossom quite late. So I was happy to catch and paint this small scenery. Using again the limited palette of blue, red and yellow, plus white and burnt umber. Will we get a nice crop of pears this summer? Well, have a good summer everyone! So it became the Bij Sorgdrager, acrylic, canvas 30x24 cm. The result is to be seen in My gallery .