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Downstairs 3

Back to interiors and still lifes Returning to the House of Verwolde and its nicely preserved interiors, I loved to paint a corner of this small room situated in the souterrain, probably a pantry, filled in with authentic storage stuff.  I have already painted two downstairs' rooms, a gardener room and a scullery , and I am quite in love with them. So I have some more ideas and plans. Will these become another series? Let's then call this one Downstairs 3.  Painted alla prima with a limited palette of oil colours on canvas 24 x 30 cm. View the finished painting in my  gallery .

Hidden Treasures

Something different Happy to help organize this unique exhibition. Unique, among other things, because almost all works come from different private collections, but especially because of the artist herself: an Ameland woman, mother of a large family, who only started painting in her 60s. And how! Her fine feeling for the perfect composition, choice of colour and tonality and excellent light accents make many of her paintings serene and realistic stories that are reminiscent of the great masters. The other works are perfect historical memories of "then" because of the small details. All of this strikes me as a fine example of natural innate talent. And that alone is quite unique. Glad she's "rediscovered" a bit now. More than 50 works by Janke de Jong (1920-1996) will be on display in the Sorgdrager Museum over the next two months.