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Playing with sea 2

Painting water Still having fun painting Chester . Last summer on a quiet evening Paul took some nice photographs with my phone camera. Chester and I were playing on the beach and the light of the evening sun was playing with the sea, so this all made a lovely setting. Now I tried to paint it on a small piece of cardboard. Still using my limited palette. So this became "Let's play", acrylic, cardboard, ap. 13x23 cm. View the finished painting in my gallery . Update: Sold and looks great in its new home:

Playing with sea

A quick study and a painting There is nothing funnier than chasing a tennis ball, according to our fetching hero Chester . You can often find us playing on the beach, where Chester can run as much and as hard as he can. Still impressed by the wonderful seascapes made by Dennis Roberts, I decided to paint a little study on cardboard first, trying to catch the movements of the waves, the dog and myself. Not really succeed in making the shapes and figures have correct proportions first, but I think I conveyed it right later on canvas. I used a limited palette of primary colours plus burnt umber and titanium white. So this became "Fetching", acrylic, canvas, 24x30 cm. View the finished painting in my gallery .

Let's think of summer again

A glimpse of the neighbours' garden Finally began painting again after a long break. I had this village view for a long time in my mind. It's a cosy little place behind the Sorgdrager Museum surrounded by many historic houses built back in the 18th century. At the end of the yard, there is a lovely garden of our neighbours, always full of beautiful flowers during the whole season. I am still using a limited palette of just three primary colours plus titanium white and burnt umber. And still small formats of the canvas. This one became the "Achter Sorgdrager", acrylic, canvas, 24x30 cm. View the finished painting in my gallery .