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Presummer Art Show

  3 days, 4 artists, 5 disciplines Last year, the three-day exhibition at that fantastic venue of the art patrons Eva and Riekus was a success . More than 200 visitors have seen about 30 of our works of art, many pieces were sold, and the artists received several commissions. So it went well enough to decide to repeat it. No sooner said than done. This year we are organizing another art show by professional island artists in the beautifully preserved historic Stalhuus in Hollum. With many new works: bronze and stone sculptures by Erwin Pattipeilohy , wooden design objects by Peter Kiewied , and my oil paintings. And I am immensely delighted to introduce super talented Sjors Kiewiet with his series of marvellous screen prints. Well, 3 days - 4 artists - 5 disciplines . A must-see. For the lucky ones who are on Ameland on June 16, 17 and 18, welcome and see you then! Not on Ameland those days? Don't worry! Follow my blog and our social media - there will certainly be some stories an

Rainy Day

  Back to the Hands' Private Life For a long time, I was carrying the idea of combining a historic cityscape with some hand gestures or actions. Suddenly I came across an old selfie photograph I took years ago in the beautiful downtown of Dokkum. It was a cold, wet and foggy day before Christmas and the streets were almost empty. The picture seemed to have the perspective I had in mind. Then I thought the pair of hands opening an umbrella would be a suitable story. So I put my jacket on, grabbed the vintage umbrella that we found last summer in a second-hand store, and asked Paul to take some shots to use later for this painting.  Paul has become an essential co-creator when I need a photograph of my both hands at once. Because it's quite impossible to take a selfie of both hands, don't you think? Well, thank you, Paul!    So this became another one in my series Hands' Private Life. Painted alla prima with a limited palette of oil colours on acid-free cardboard  20 x 41