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Vitamin D

Back to painting I've tried to paint Chester again, combining a dog portrait with interior painting. It seemed like a perfect setting when I saw him routinely enjoying the sun's rays while in our attic in Zwolle. It turned out to be difficult to choose the right values for the background; I still have a lot to learn about how to convey depth with dark objects in the foreground. Is it a coincidence (I am wondering now) that I recently visited the Transverse Orientation by genius Dimitris Papaioannou where he deliberately opted for the lighter background of his masterpiece? I used the limited palette again; red, yellow and blue plus burnt umber and white. Thus it became Chester the Sun Worshiper, acrylic, canvas 24 x 30 cm. The finished painting can be found in my gallery .

A new project

Completed and realised I am happy with this small but beautiful art project that I have carried out in a very short period of time in collaboration with Amelander Artists and De Amelander Musea . From July 1, 2021, three Amelander art photographers will exhibit 25 works of art in the De Amelander Vuurtoren Museum in Hollum. This will be a permanent exhibition where visitors can also order a print of the photos in different sizes and on various materials via the website , which I also made. So, this way you may soon have a beautiful piece of Ameland hanging on your wall!