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Showing posts from November, 2020

Late autumn

Street view We had a lovely long and calm autumn this year. No early heavy storm, so the leaves were able to get their dramatic colours on time while still on trees. The low but still warm sunlight against the heavy dark clouds full of cold showers made the contrast even more striking giving the scenery quite a cosy effect. The young linden trees along the neighbouring Herenweg street in our village make a perfect setting for a painting, I thought. I've tried to catch this effect here, still using a limited palette (red, yellow, blue + white and burnt umber) So it became the Herenweg te Hollum, acrylic, 30x24 cm. The result is to be seen in My gallery .

Nice cooperation

Online exhibition Despite the famous annual Kunstmaand Ameland exhibitions being cancelled due to the covid times, a group of enthusiastic island artists decided to go online together to show their artworks to the world. I am happy to make myself and my skills useful, as I was asked to make a website for this group called AK (Amelander Kunstenaars). It just went live! We already show the works of twenty artists now, and there are many more to join very soon. So, feel free to visit our new website , and enjoy the art of the most beautiful island in the North Sea.