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Ageing Together

Still going strong Time rolls by and our little hero Chester is now a 12.5-year-old gentleman.  I had an antique oval frame that was broken and collecting dust in storage for about 15 years. I didn't know what painting would suit it until recently when I decided to restore it. At first, I considered a classical portrait, but then Paul took some photographs of me embracing Chester with my hands. I liked the setting and thought it would fit well with my Hand's Private Life series. So, I used the photographs to paint this piece. However, I have no idea how to define the dimensions of an oval-shaped painting yet.        This painting is another one in the Hands' Private Life series. Oil on acid-free cardboard approximately 38 x 49 cm, alla prima, limited palette.   View the finished painting in my  gallery .


  Curriculum Vitae Just added my complete artist CV to my website.  It was high time to do that, I suppose. You can check it here: