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To speak is a sin Socialising in public places is what I am never going to learn properly. Often hoping for a nice contact, sometimes forcing myself into small talk and still missing opportunities, behaving eccentrically or too reserved and finally leaving, too late or too early. For a long time, I thought I was the only one, but am I?  "...Ordering drinks at the bar...", that old PSB tune keeps spinning in my head. "...And once in a while, a smile, if you dare". This was the last finished painting of mine this year. Can't say I am quite satisfied with it. But it's now time for a glass of whiskey.  Anyway, wishing you all a happy New Year! View the finished painting in  my gallery .  

New show

  Ameland Art XL Proud to work on this project for the Amelander Musea.  There are now art shows in four museums in three villages on our island.  25 professional and non-professional artists from Ameland are exhibiting their works until the 8th of January.  One painting of mine is on show, too! As a part of the Amelander Kunstenaars exhibition.  Come to see and enjoy!

Christmas Time

  Cosy dark nights So happy we've got some Christmas trees in our garden . This year we used some branches of the old fir to decorate the house for the festive season. And if you know what scent the fir branches have... Our house is now full of that wonderful scent of my childhood. I was so happy, that I even suddenly felt the need to paint a small interior with the garland made of those branches, arranged on the mantelpiece.  Well, here it is, the Christmas Time, oil on canvas board 25 x 25 cm.   View the finished painting in my gallery .  And have yourself a merry little Christmas, everyone!

Friend or Foe

Most lovely sitter Time to involve Chester again!  ...The moment when a human tries to greet an (unknown) dog is often quite exciting for both. Will it be an unconditional friendship or will you remain suspicious? Animals often feel and know instinctively and they are always sincere. And I was once taught that the best way to dispel mistrust by a dog is to simply offer your open hand and let it be explored calmly. Don't pet the animal over the head, because they won't do it to you either. That was a lecture about greeting dogs. ☝😁 But back to the painting, I love painting my best friend Chester very much. I think I need to paint him more often. It's the fifth in the series of my Hands' Private Life project. So, let's call this one Friend or Foe?. Oil, canvas board 24 x 30 cm.   View the finished painting in my gallery


Going on with the Hands project Thinking of the great and timeless influencers, I tried to combine my favourite still-life techniques with a hand portrait. It was quite a challenge, but I really enjoyed making this painting. No idea what meaning one can draw from this picture if any. I am going to call it Counterproposal. UPDATE: In 2023 this painting was nominated for the Painting of the Year. As a reward, it was exhibited for 6 weeks in the RRMND gallery in January - March 2024. My usual limited palette of oil colours, alla prima on a 25 x 35 cm panel. High-quality prints are available on my Prints page (Limited Edition) and on Saatchi Art (Open Edition)    View the finished painting in my gallery