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Cup of Espresso

Chiaroscuro meets Bauhaus  It seems that I have always been fascinated by strict lines and geometrical forms and shapes. Perhaps, unconsciously, as I was in my early years quite interested in something like the Bauhaus and Constructivism styles of a century ago.  So, for this still life, I tried to build a real-life setting using everyday objects and then highlighted them with sharp contrasts between light and shadow. I believe this resulted in a strong composition.       Oil on cardboard 24 x 29 cm, alla prima, limited palette.   View the finished painting in my  gallery .

Downstairs V and VI

Back to historic interiors I am still in love with the original interiors of old manor houses. Last year, Paul and I went on a short research tour, visiting several estates in the North of the country. Most of them are museums nowadays, while some are still private houses and are normally closed to the public.  Observing all those marvellous halls and drawing rooms, libraries and boudoirs is great. However,  I am particularly fond of the downstairs area. It is usually less rebuilt or demolished and it has a wonderful nostalgic atmosphere inside.  Learning about how it used to be is always nice and important. The past is the foundation for the future, don't you agree? So, I am continuing to paint my series 'Downstairs'. These two are the fifth and the sixth in the series and depict a part of the kitchen in the Mensinge manor house in Drenthe. I spent a lovely afternoon there last May, being helped by some very kind volunteers.          Downstairs V: oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm,

The Shows

  North - South - West - North and backwards Over the past weekend, I had a lot going on, travelling around the country. On Friday, I went to Eindhoven to deliver one of my paintings for the ArtEindhoven Fair.  On my way back, I visited the Centraal Museum, which finally had its permanent collection back on display, and then I picked up some other paintings of mine from a previous exhibition in Utrecht. Later that evening, I treated myself to a ballet/opera show in Zwolle. Then on Sunday, I went all the way to Limburg to visit a gallery where two of my paintings are currently on display. One of them was nominated for the Painting of the Year event, and I'm proud to say it made it into the top 50. The gallery RRMND is located in a former Philips factory, which is a unique and interesting post-industrial space. This exhibition will be held until March 3.    While I was there, I met a good and promising artist Maayke Bal who I believe has a bright artistic future.  Meanwhile, the


Limited or Open Editions. Easy and Affordable. If you are interested in purchasing one of my paintings, but can't find it available at the moment, either because the original has already been sold, is currently on show or on loan, or because it simply exceeds your budget. (All currently available original paintings of mine are represented by Saatchi Art or Amelander Kunstenaars . Please check these sites for the prices and availability.) You could of course always commission a similar painting. However, there is also an affordable option for acquiring high-quality prints, either in limited or open editions. So, you can order your print now. Read on to find out how on my page