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Showing posts from March, 2020

Uncertain times

An empty street I love this small old street in the genteel medieval city of Zwolle. So I loved to paint it. The winter sun in the morning hesitantly turns the old roofs bright orange. Another day, full of hope, begins. Stay safe, everyone. Walstraat in Zwolle, acrylic, canvas board, 24x30 cm. See the final version in My gallery .

Cityscape again

An old small romantic passage When visiting the beautiful city of Kampen, Overijssel, I accidentally came across a narrow and quiet street passage in the historic centre. I loved the scenery, so I took a photograph. Now I wanted to make a small painting of it. There was no sun, it was cold and windy and the roofs and pavements around were covered with moss. Time seemed to stand still. This was the nice old Dutch winter I love. A small street in Kampen, acrylic, canvas, 25x25 cm. See the final version in My gallery .

No sooner said than done

Salicornia fields after a thunderstorm. The quick small study of a landscape that I made last week, had to be painted on canvas. So I thought. So I did. Autumn behind the Hollum dyke, acrylic, canvas, 24x30 cm. See the final version in My gallery . UPDATE December 2022: on show Amelander Kunst XL in a museum