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A bit of drama

Storm approaching The tower of the Magnus church used to serve as a beacon for ships for centuries. It can be seen well from the Wadden Sea and also from the beach, even though it is now half hidden behind the dike. A lovely beach where I often walk with Chester . Sometimes the low winter sun plays with the approaching heavy clouds full of rain, and then it produces dramatic images. I tried to capture this effect. So it became the Southwest. A Storm is Coming, acrylic, canvas 30x30 cm. The result is to be seen in My gallery .

Back yards

A new start. Landscaping again Glad I finally got myself to paint again. There is a nice little space next to our street with a marvellous view of the meadows, dunes and the dyke. The stable with a red door and barns in the backyard of our good neighbours Jeroen and Yvonne make the setting look cosy, rural and peaceful. The winter sky on a windy and wet day gives a piece of hope that the bright light is still there, approaching. I am still using the limited palette of Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine, Burnt Umber and Titanium White. So it became the Stal achter Burenlaan te Hollum, acrylic, canvas 24x30 cm. The result is to be seen in My gallery .