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Primary colours

A new challenge Mixing (almost) every colour from three primary colours is quite possible, say my books and the YouTube painters I follow. As I am still using the 16 colour tubes of paint that I got long ago in a gift box, I have never been thoroughly thinking of using a limited palette. During a recent painting session, my fellow amateur artists and I started a kind of challenge to try out a limited palette. I made a still-life setting, and I chose the three-plus-two formula (Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine as primary colours and Burnt Umber and Titanium White as support) to bring it over on canvas. Well, though I did not really match every colour with the photograph, I am quite satisfied with the result. A fellow painter did the same and she produced really good artwork. So we proved that the use of a limited palette is actually almost unlimited. I think I will go on with this experiment. Here you can see the photograph of the setting and the painting in progress. Let's

Good news

Hope Hope Hope It feels like the new art season starts nicely. At the moment it looks like the annual November exhibition of the Art Month Ameland goes on. I am happy to participate this year again with some of my new paintings. Hopefully, we will receive lots of art lovers in our galleries again. And the first painting of this season has been sold! I am very happy and proud that one of my favourite works, 'Downstairs' , has now a new home. I hope the new owners will enjoy it for a very long time.