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Making my own old-fashioned ones Since I find the frame to be a very important part of a painting, I have always been making my own frames for my works. It is not an easy, time-consuming but satisfying job. I like my frames made of real wood, in a modest classical style and painted preferably black, sometimes with a golden border. Some art lovers find this choice too sober/heavy/old-fashioned but it is my choice at the moment. I exhibit and sell my paintings always with my handmade frames. When a customer prefers to have their own frame or even no frame at all, a considerable price discount is possible. Because a handmade frame does cost money.

Just proud

Honoured and flattered What can I say... Just really proud to read back a nice article written about my paintings by an awesome artist and author, Gonneke Braakman. Hoping this will bring more inspiration and luck with the coming exhibition in November to all of us. Fingers crossed! And yes! Come and see yourself, each November is a great Art Month on the island of Ameland.