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Exhibition sales I am happy and proud to tell you that two of my paintings were sold at the annual exhibition of the Amelander Kunstenaars and are now on their way to new homes. This annual art fair event, Kunstmaand Ameland , has been a success again, as it has already been 24 times before. About 100 artists from the Netherlands and some Nordic countries were showing their art 30 days long in more than 50 locations across our island. Only our showroom has had around 4.000 visitors, and hundreds of artworks of my fellow island artists were sold. Now it is actually time for gallerists and art writers to discover what really sells. In the meantime, my fellow artists and I are busy with a new art show project. Even with two. (So no time to paint yet, which is a shame!) But let's hope there will be no lockdowns so I will be able to tell you good news very soon as the exhibitions are planned already for December! Fingers crossed...

Blue Jar

Online sales I am very proud to hear that another little still life of mine has been sold by Saatchi Art . I thank the collector and wish the painting a long happy life at its new home in Germany. A year ago I enjoyed painting this setting with this blue jar handmade by a very talented ceramic artist here on our island. I recently bought another piece made by her, and this time I did ask the name of the artist, and now I finally know it! I've just posted about this on my Instagram.