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A challenge

Gone but not forgotten A friend who I admire for her phenomenal knowledge and memory of people and places of our island, has found an old photograph of a forge, an old smith workshop that was run by her grandfather. Sadly, the building doesn't exist anymore. Some fellow island artists announced they would attempt making a painting or a drawing based on the photograph. I am trying now to make my own translation of this scenery. I am wondering how is it to paint something based on an old black-and-white photograph that has no quite defined shadows. Never done before. I tried to change the perspective as well but without destroying the actual details. Very interesting but quite a challenge, I must admit my fantasy is not as developed as I hoped. But nevertheless, here it is. I hope she will like it. Oude smederij. Acrylic, canvas board, 18x24 cm.

Electric light

Another interior Last year I painted the sunny Amelander Interieur with pleasure. This time I am trying to paint the other part of our sitting room lit by the lamps at night. Love to work on it and to learn how colours can totally change by the dark and electric light. Amelander interior. Night. Acrylic, canvas, 30x24 cm. See the final version in My gallery .

Good old days

Wash your hands In late February I was lucky to visit the Huis van Eysinga in Leeuwarden before everything was forever closed. It was a cold day with showers and the sun changing rapidly. The house was almost empty except for some staff so I had enough time and a good opportunity to explore this well-preserved piece of the art of living. It is a nice concept they are using there; unlike in most museums, here you may touch and try everything. It was great to go through both up- and downstairs. While in the large original kitchen, you almost are expecting to hear Mrs Bridges' voice shouting "Ruby, scrub them potatoes!" I loved the light falling into that beautifully tiled scullery, on the ancient sink and the copper bucket. So, I am now trying to paint that effect on canvas. Downstairs. Acrylic, canvas, 24x30 cm. See the final version in My gallery .


View from the kitchen The sun shines a lot these days, providing lovely light effects on buildings and gardens in the village. The traditional farms and houses across the yard look very cosy in those lights and shadows. I took a photograph on such an afternoon. Thought it would perhaps be good to use it as a source for a new small painting. Hollum. Spring. Acrylic, canvas, 24x30 cm. See the final version in My gallery .


Sunrise in our village Got up early for a change and caught the first sun rays touching the rooftops on a cold morning in late March. There was hope for a lovely day, there is a hope for better future. Stay safe and enjoy the tiny little things around you. The most beautiful of them are free of charge. Roofs of Hollum. Sunrise. Acrylic, canvas, 30x24 cm. See the final version in My gallery .