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Missing winter?

  Island sheep VI And yet another one in the Sheep Series. As two of my sheep paintings were sold at the show in the Stalhuus last week.    I recently found a nice photograph in my archive. I took the picture two winters back when we were having a couple of cold weeks with some snow. The sheep flocks had some rough times during the icy storms. When the sun shone they could destress and relax a bit, chewing their hay.  Not really content with the perspective I am still happy with this painting. Hope the viewer can feel the atmosphere of changing weather or of a passing snowstorm.  Alla prima, oil, panel 25x35 cm. View the finished painting in my  gallery .

Stalhuus Show: another smashing hit

  Worth repeating, they said Our recent three-day exhibition was a great success once again! We were thrilled to welcome a few hundred visitors who came to admire the beautiful art on display. Many pieces were sold, and we received several commissions. Additionally, some significant agreements were reached during the exhibition.  I am particularly proud of the young artists, Sjors Kiewiet and Peter Kiewied, whose work garnered a lot of public interest. We were also delighted to have Lucienne Dorrestein join us and enhance the ambiance with her live music on the concert flute.  I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Eva, Riekus, Paul, Angelien, and all the others who worked hard to make this exhibition a reality! And it is worth repeating indeed. Save the date for next year: 14 - 16 June 2024. Missed the show? Some works and the artists' info are still to view at