You will harvest what you sow

First apples of the season

I love apples. In all shapes and sizes, fresh, baked or cooked. So I thought I also like painting apples. This year we have already harvested many Cox's Orange Pippins in our small orchard, so there was no shortage of models to pose.

But somehow it became this time quite a challenge to paint those few apples. It took much longer to finish the painting than I thought. Perhaps it had to do with the new surface that I have never used before, an MDF panel that is actually intended for fine painting. Furthermore, I find that I could not quite match the colors of the apples. And I will be silent about the struggle with the foliage. So there's still a lot to learn for me. But in the end I am suddenly satisfied with the result.

So, it became the "First of the season", acrylic, panel 25 x 30 cm. The final version can be seen in my gallery.

underpainting painting in progress

almost finishes


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