Some flowers for my mother

While visiting the well preserved estate and the house of Verwolde in the Achterhoek, among all those beautifully decorated eclectic interiors I somehow was touched by the view of a tiny room in the souterrain, probably a scullery.

The day light gave the space lovely soft shadows and the setting was very natural in its simplicity. The nostalgic scene was thoroughly set by someone's artistic hands. It felt like the moment when the gardener had just left and their flower arrangements were just ready to be brought upstairs.

So I took then some photographs and now I tried to paint this feeling in alla prima. I used the Mus panel and my limited palette of primary oil colours plus burnt umber and titanium white.

I once made a painting of an lovely old scullery in Leeuwarden, called Downstairs. So, I will call this one the Downstairs 2.

View the finished painting in my gallery.

in progress

in progress


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