As I have some unused small, a kind of kitschy souvenir frames, I decided to make some tiny studies which would pass into those frames.

The first one was a detail of my previous painting with strawberries. The second was a tribute to the master I admire, combining a master copy of his works with some details of my old still life which is now with a collector in the United States. The third one was based on my photograph (which I am going to use for larger paintings soon); this was my first attempt to paint a human hand in oil. I was quite excited while doing it, and I am quite satisfied with this result. More exercises with human hands will follow as I am not scared of trying anymore. 

I painted them alla prima on acid-free cardboard only using the limited palette of primary oil colours plus burnt umber and titanium white. I learned as well what "a painting a day" is. 

View the finished paintings in my gallery.


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