A new project

Hands' private life

I have always been fascinated by human hands. I believe we often can understand not only the ideas or meanings but also the emotions expressed by the gestures. Some of my first drawings I made some decennia ago were human hands. One of them even became my logo as you can see on my webpage and on my business cards.

Speaking of business, from the 1st of November I am officially a professional artist by the Dutch law (this means actually no more than being registered at the Chamber of Commerce). Let's see which new opportunities it shall bring. As always, I am open to suggestions, offers, commissions, etc. 

Back to the hands, I am thinking of a new project portraying this special part of a human body. I had done some studies before and I am now working on a sort of self-portrait, trying to catch and bring over a certain emotion or a meaning.  

View the finished painting in my gallery.


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